Bug Spray
Bug Spray

Bug Spray

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Our own custom blended spray designed to help repel insects. 2.75 fl.oz. packaged in a plastic bottle with a micro spray nozzle.

Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Witch Hazel (Infused with:  Dandelion, Lavender, Calendula and Yarrow), Glycerin, Polysorbate 80, Aloe Vera, Pure Vanilla, 91% Alcohol, Cedarwood, Clove, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Patchouli and Lavender Essential Oils, Germall Plus.

Disclaimer: Our products are not FDA tested. They are not intended to treat or cure medical conditions. Always seek advice from a medical professional. Our products are for external use only and should be kept out of the eyes. If redness or rashes appear, please discontinue use.

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