Incense Sticks
Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks

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Hand dipped incense sticks in some of our most popular fragrances!  Our tested sticks are have more than an hour burn time.  Currently we are offering sticks as a random assortment.  Price is per stick.  You have the option to choose your preferred scents, but it is not required and does not guarantee availability.  We will do our best to fill your order with your preferences, but availability is limited to stock we have made.  Other purchasing options will be available soon.

  • 1970:  Patchouli, cinnamon and dry cannabis mixed with cocoa and vanilla
  • Bay Rum: A classic, clean, fresh bay rum fragrance with no spicy notes
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla: Raspberry, plum and warm vanilla 
  • Blackjack:  A sweet tobacco leaf blended with a touch of coriander, clove, oak and soft leather
  • Bourboned Tobacco:  Tobacco and cedarwood blended with tonka bean and bourbon with just a touch of rose
  • Bug Stick:  A blend of essential oils blended to help rid your outdoor area of incects
  • Butterbeer:  Butterscotch, soft caramel and vanilla sugar
  • Cherry Almond:  A sweet blend of cherries and almond
  • Cinnamon & Sage:  Cinnamon and sage with a touch of nutmeg and clove
  • Citrus Sage:  A light blend of lemon and lime paired with sage
  • Fall Leaves:  Cinnamon, nutmeg and peppercorn blended with pumpkin, mahogany and vanilla
  • Grape Soda:  A rich sweet blend of grape and club soda
  • Harvest Moon:  Cinammon, orange, clove with vanilla and almond
  • High Noon:  Lime and clove
  • Mulberry:  Black cherries, strawberry and tangerine blended with a touch of orange and mango
  • Mystic:  Sandalwood and patchouli blended with amber and myrrh
  • Nag Champa:  Patchouli, sandalwood and lavender with a bit of citrus
  • Outlaw:  Leather, cedarwood and tobacco with a touch of amber and patchouli
  • Patchouli:  A deep earthy woodsy scent
  • Sandalwood:  A sweet sandalwood with notes of deep mahogany
  • Santa's Pipe:  Cherrywood and tobacco blended with the sweetness of raspberry and vanilla

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